Native Brazilian, Gustavo Godoy a skateboarder, artist, and architect, was born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

His work explores the possibilities of inner polarization between drawings, objects, photography, and videos with all different kinds of medias and supports. His inspiration and observations come directly from the city’s lifestyle of São Paulo, Brazil. He has exposure in New York City, Capela do Morumbi Museum in São Paulo Brazil, Bienal do Vento Sul in Curitiba, Parana - Brazil, FILE, São Paulo state Pinacoteca, Bahia-MAM, and São Paulo Contemporary art rooms.   

In 1996, together with 9 other artists and architects, BIJARI Group was founded with the intent of developing artwork, interventions, videos, and designs. Godoy participated with the group in several exposures Worldwide, such as Mercosul-Brasil Bienal, Havana-Cuba Bienal , Ushuaia-Argentina Bienal, Equador, Colômbia, Costa Rica, Mexico, United States, Germany, Áustria, Spain, France, Italy, Russia, and Australia.

Vertual Series by Artegodoy

The illustrations developed for Vertual Skateboards were inspired by Gustavo Godoy’strue actions and work, representing his perspective and criticism of the modern world. He is expanding his ideas beyond the limite of art. Some of his photography were transformed to illustrations, using strong lines and pure colors to pass an unique message for a better place to live.  

São Paulo, SP - Brazil